SAP Finance and Costing Module (SAP FICO Module) 

SAP FI stands for Finance module also known as Financial Accounting and it is one of the important modules of SAP ERP. It is used to store the financial data of an Organization. SAP FI helps to analyze the financial details of a company. It is integrated with other SAP modules like SAP SD, PP, MM, SCM etc.

Each and every business would like to effectively utilize the resources of the company to maximize the profits. Every company deals with money in one form or the other. Every Organization has to comply with the regulatory requirements and need to report Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet periodically. SAP FI module helps in achieving all this. There are plenty of openings for SAP FICO jobs. Once you have learnt the module you have the opportunity to apply for SAP FICO fresher jobs. 

SAP Controlling (CO) is another important module offered by SAP. It supports coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the processes in an Organization. SAP CO includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost and profit centers, internal orders and other cost elements and functional areas. 

Learner flow provides SAP Training by focusing on specific skills that are required to operate independently as a consultant. SAP certification has an added advantage for the freshers. Having a good in-depth training helps in becoming a seasoned consultant even without SAP Certification. SAP Training starts with SAP FICO basics that includes the master data, GL Accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Asset accounting.

Upon completing the course, it is advised to practice the process steps using SAP and prepare for SAP FICO interviews. There are several sample Interview questions and answers that are available, which can be used to prepare for the interviews.

SAP FICO Training Course Summary

FICO module in SAP consists of several components and sub-components like Master Data, GL Accounts, Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP), Asset Accounting etc. In this training, you will learn about the business process and functions, Configuration and concepts of SAP FICO, an overview of SAP Implementation Project, better presentation and Client facing skills.


  • Become familiar with the Configurations required in SAP FICO module
  • Understand the practical applications of SAP FICO module
  • Understand the high-level business processes of an Enterprise
  • Understand SAP Implementation Project Phases and timelines


  • SAP FICO implementation team members with experience in Finance, accounting or costing areas. 
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Graduates with Finance back ground with 1 to 4 years of SAP production support experience.
  • Students or Working professionals with,, MBA, CA, ICWA, CPA, CMA



  • Have a basic understanding of Business Processes in Finance 
  • Related experience in Finance, accounting or costing 
    • No prior SAP experience is necessary, however knowing SAP basics will be added advantage

Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started with SAP FI

  • AP FI Organizational Structure
  • How to create a company code in SAP
  • What is the Variant Principle in SAP FI?
  • SAP Fiscal Year and Fiscal Year Variants
  • Currencies in SAP
  • SAP Exchange Rates
  • SAP Exchange Rate Table
  • SAP Chart of Accounts
  • SAP G/L Account Segments
  • SAP Balance Sheet and P&L Statement Accounts
  • SAP Account Group of G/L Accounts
  • SAP Field Status Variant

Module 2: SAP FI Master Data 

  • SAP General Ledger Account (G/L Account)
  • SAP Customer Account
  • SAP Vendor Account
  • SAP Bank Master Data

Module 3: SAP FI Documents

  • SAP FI Document Types
  • SAP FI Document Structure
  • SAP FI Posting Periods
  • SAP FI Posting Authorization
  • SAP FB50 Transaction Tutorial
  • SAP FI Tax
  • SAP Tax Configuration
  • SAP Document Change Rules
  • SAP Document Reversal

Module 4: Clearing Processes in SAP FI

  • SAP Clearing of Open Items
  • SAP Incoming Payment
  • SAP Outgoing Payment
  • SAP Tolerance Groups
  • SAP Payment Differences Processing
  • SAP Partial and Residual Payments
  • SAP Exchange Rate Differences

Module 5: SAP Cash Journal

  • SAP Cash Journal Configuration
  • SAP FBCJ Cash Journal

Module 6: Special G/L Transactions

  • SAP Special G/L Introduction
  • SAP Customer Down Payment Process
  • SAP Vendor Down Payment Process
  • SAP Bill of Exchange
  • SAP Posting Key Configuration
  • SAP Special G/L Indicator Configuration
  • SAP Statistical Entry Configuration

Module 7: Parking and Holding Documents in SAP

  • SAP Parking and Holding Documents
  • Post Parked SAP Documents
  • Post Parked Documents Using SAP Workflow

Module 8: Automatic Payment Program

  • SAP Payment Run Process
  • SAP Payment Program Configuration
  • SAP Payment Run Step by Step Demonstration
  • SAP Payment Medium Workbench
  • SAP Debit Balance Check

Module 9: Dunning

  • SAP Dunning Process
  • SAP Dunning Configuration
  • SAP Dunning Run Step by Step Demonstration
  • SAP Dunning Proposal Modification
  • SAP Dunning Notice

Module 10: Closing Activities

  • SAP Month End Closing Process
  • SAP Year End Closing Process

Module 11: Financial Statements in SAP

  • SAP Financial Statement Version
  • SAP Drilldown Reporting

Module 12: Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables

  • SAP Balance Confirmation
  • SAP Foreign Currency Valuation
  • SAP Value Adjustments
  • SAP Regrouping Receivables Payables

Module 13: Integration with Other Modules

  • SAP MM FI Integration

Bonus topics

  • Preparation of Test Script samples – FICO Module 
  • Preparation of Functional Specification samples – FICO Module
  • Project Management Overview High Level Tasks, activities and Steps 
  • Interview Preparation and presentation techniques
  • SAP FICO Interview Questions & Answers



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